Where to start Where to start.... Well being that this is my first post I guess I should tell you about myself.

My name is Chelsi and I live in Anchorage ALASKA. Cool yes? I live in my home with my boyfriend Dillon, my big dog Odin, and my sweet monster of a kitty cat Cortana. We go camping and boating in the summer and were lazy during the winter.

Being lazy during the winter means fat...and lots of it.

I would say that I have always struggled with my weight. I have trouble sticking with programs but I am stating a new challenge with Young Living with Dillon and I am hopeful that this will work for both of us. I am a distributor for Young living and love their oils but this will be my first time trying their weight loss program. ( Side note if you have any questions about oils feel free to reach out!)

I will be sharing videos and posts as I start this journey to get my health back on track. I will also we posting on Instagram so make sure to follow me!

SnapChat : miss_chelsimarie
Instagram : chelsimariej


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