Prepping for a 5 mile run


      I have been prepping for a five mile run that will be this Saturday! I am nervous as this if my first race of the year. I am planning on doing many more but I don't feel that I am in the best of shape. I also started sand volleyball once a week on a coed team. I forgot how much fun it is to do things like that. Its also such a good workout!

     Meal prepping has been going very well and Dillon is down another 5 pounds. I am trying to hold off on weighing myself until later.  I have a bad habit of wanting to weigh myself every day sometimes twice a day. This does nothing to your attitude towards losing weight and can be disheartening. It takes effort every DAY!


  1. Wow! Best of luck on your run! Having goals like this is empowering.


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