Hello? Is that you summer?

It has been a monstrously hectic few weeks. I feel like its been years since I've been on my blog. Time to get more active with Hawaii just around the corner! Summer in Alaska is finally here!

I've made some big changes in my life recently. I got a new job. Put in my two weeks notice at my old one and have been working on getting that ironed out. Been working on all the small stuff and just getting things done. Its been hard to keep up with dieting and working out. We may have fallen off the ban wagon a few times but its getting back to it that counts. I am now down 30 pounds and keeping on!

Our Foster Pup went back to the rescue as we prepare to go on vacation. It was a hard decision but we have to think about our fur babies first. Emotionally that was difficult as I was definitely getting attached to her. It really stresses me out to think about it which I do a lot, I am a worrier!

All in All I just have to keep reminding myself to keep going!


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