Need Sleep.....Send help

    So we are on day three now. I feel that my mood just keeps improving and improving. I have also noticed I really only want salads.  I crave salads...I don't want meat or sweets just salads. Well thats literally all I've been eating along with various other fruit veggies and protein sources. I honestly feel great. I have avoided weighing myself and probably will hold off until Monday. That will be my first full week. Dillon seems to be doing well but it has been a struggle for him since he is so used to eating out for lunch and doesn't have a well balanced diet to begin with. Dietary wise he had the biggest hurdle to overcome. He is also starting to notice some differences in hunger and general well being with the Citraslim just not as quickly as me.

We are still getting used to waking up and going to bed early. Getting that schedule ironed out has proved to be more difficult that we anticipated but we will get there.

Even though I am feeling fairly confident in this journey we have began I still find myself going to Pinterest for Fitness Inspiration. I can't find fault in wanting to keep this high going. 

This seems to certainly resonate with me this week. 57 days to go!


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