Week 1 CHECK IN!!!

Well today officially makes the end of the first week of our fitness challenge and we are on to the second. Dillon lost 12 pounds and I lost 9! Cant go wrong with progress like that. We are genuinely excited to keep this journey going. It felt like a long weekend as we had so many events and outings with friends but we made it through. Its amazing how tough it really is when you go to your favorite restaurants and order salads.  53 more days to go!

Remember progress is progress. Every pound is a goal. Every step counts.


  1. Congrats! The first week is always the hardest. 9 pounds is wonderful! What fitness challenge are you guys doing?

    1. So it is through a company called Young Living which is an Essential Oil company that is AMAZINGGG. They came out with a new product called Citraslim and were so excited about the results people were having they decided to do a 60 challenge to help get more people involved and help give people that extra push to try it. So far it has been pretty great and I will say it has helped so much with curbing appetite, getting rid of cravings, and helping balance my overall mood. <3 it!

  2. 9 pounds in the in a week? That is success!


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