Choices Choices and More Choices

             Sooooo First things first I told Dillon I want to get my hair done for my birthday as my gift from him. He of course obliged me cause her's amazing. I feel like the colors below are so flirty and springy! Now I just need to find someone great to do it!

Now on to weight loss ..the photo in the collage on the right is from a few days ago and the left is when the challenge first started. I feel lighter and more happier with myself. I also feel like my body is overall thinning out better. I am a little disappointed with myself as Dillon and I stayed up late binging on Netflix. Which made us ridiculously cranky and tired all day today.  We WILL be going to bed on time.


  1. Your pictures are nice, and your hair turned out lovely for your birthday. Hope you had an enjoyable day.


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