Day number 1 Day number 1 (said in a cheering voice)

So today marks day number 1 of Dillon and I's fitness challenge with Young Living.

We have set some goals for ourselves with Young living and then with each other.

Drink More water
Eat more raw veggies and fruits
Two workouts a day for 6 days a week
Getting more sleep
Blog here every step of the way

Now let me tell was ridiculously hard to get up that early this morning....why is waking up at 5:30 even a thing. 😭

 The class we went to is a bootcamp/crossfit. Its high intensity and dare I say a little fun? I also went into work early to clean the whole office which kept me going but now that I am sitting I am tired.

Now on the other side the Slique Citrislim is making me feel a little more even this morning. Its a clean energy but it also makes me feel like my mood is a little more level. Usually I would have been the worlds most crankiest person but it made me okay for Dillon. HAHA. I love my sleep and this helped me not miss it so much. Miracle! It is also helping me curb my this point in the morning I would have shoveled a few candy bars or whatever was near and called it good. Instead I had a fresh fruit smoothie on the way to work and a grapefruit when I finally sat down. I'll make sure to snap a few pictures of my lunch so you can be jealous!

As promised now that the challenge has started I will be on here every day to record our journey.

Wish the fit fun and fabulous me luck!


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