Water weight orrr....

Day 4....and dare I say I cheated and stepped on the scale early.

I am officially down 5.7 pounds­čśĆ although this is probably water weight I am inclined to think it isn't as my body fat percentage has gone down.

Which brings me to this. Even if it is water weight what does it matter? It is a pound I have lost I worked for it I lost it. Just cause it may be water weight it doesn't mean it isn't doing something for me. Don't bash people because your jealous of their progress or betterment. 

Progress is progress not matter the form. Celebrate the small things

Let people be happy.


  1. A victory is a victory!
    I like to focus on non-scale victories also, like if my pants aren't so tight anymore. I'm struggling to lose 10 pounds right now, so I feel you. The struggle is real!!


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